Thursday, January 4, 2024


DAY 24 "CLINTON LIKES VERY YOUNG GIRLS: COURT RELEASES PAPERS ON SEX OFFENDER EPSTEIN WITH OVER 170 NAMES New York City (USA) - In the abuse scandal involving US multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein (†66), a court has published the real names of around 170 people who were previously mostly treated anonymously. Jeffrey Epstein (†66) died in 2019. His death led to numerous rumors and conspiracy theories. They were named in a civil dispute between the injured American Virginia Giuffre (40) and Epstein's long-time partner Ghislaine Maxwell (62). The more than 900 pages of court documents contain, among other things, the previously known names of former US President Bill Clinton (77) and British Prince Andrew (63), who were once considered Epstein's confidants. Epstein has been dead for almost four and a half years. A mention does not mean that the person was an active part of the abuse network around Epstein, but initially only that the name was mentioned in the civil lawsuit. For example, some people on the list are also relatives of Epstein's abuse victims. According to the media, Clinton, previously referred to in the trial as "John Doe 36", did not object to his name being used. Former President Clinton is mentioned several times Former US President Bill Clinton (77) is now being brought close to the crimes surrounding Epstein. The documents now published contain Clinton's name dozens of times, including in witness statements that place him close to Epstein's crimes. According to media reports, including from The Guardian, a document contained a statement from Johanna Sjoberg. Maxwell allegedly recruited her for sexual acts with the late Epstein. In her testimony, Sjoberg said Epstein "once said that Clinton liked very young girls. Prince Andrew's name appears just as often and in sometimes similar contexts. The aristocratic scion was able to avert a civil lawsuit in connection with Epstein's abuse ring in 2022. Despite US plaintiff Virginia Giuffre's allegations against him, he never publicly admitted to having had sex with the then minor. Epstein was arrested in July 2019. The businessman, who had connections in the highest circles, is said to have sexually abused numerous girls, including underage girls, and introduced them to other men. Allegedly decades of abuse Michael Jackson, American pop musician, and Stephen Hawking, British astrophysicist, are mentioned by name in the documents. About a month after his arrest, Epstein was found dead in his cell at the age of 66. According to official information, he took his own life. For decades, the abuse of numerous minors is said to have taken place at Epstein's properties in New York, Florida, Santa Fe and the Virgin Islands. An earlier indictment against Epstein resulted in a very advantageous deal for the entrepreneur, which made him a symbol of a social elite that can get away with crime. The case also caused a stir worldwide because the entrepreneur was networked in the highest circles. His celebrity relationships and death gave rise to numerous rumors and conspiracy theories. The publication of the documents that have now been released had also led to a lot of speculation about celebrities in advance. Former President Donald Trump (77) is also mentioned in the present writings - but only in the context of the questioning of a witness who stated that she had never had sexual contact with Trump. However, the names of the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson (†50) and the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking (†76) seem to be new. At least the celebrities' one-time presence at one of Epstein's events seems to be derived from them.