Saturday, September 9, 2023

“Decency, honesty, humanity” – Wagenknecht emphasizes traditional values

WORLD “Decency, honesty, humanity” – Wagenknecht emphasizes traditional values 9 hours She still sees herself as a left-wing politician, but traditional values are important and hold society together, says Sahra Wagenknecht. The left-wing politician also spoke about the possibility of founding a party. Left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht believes traditional values are important The left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht has emphasized the importance of traditional values. “Many people want necessary changes, but don’t want everything to be turned upside down. They want to hold on to their values and culture. “Values hold a society together,” said Wagenknecht to the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”. “Decency, honesty, humanity. Appreciation of hard work, no taking advantage of state benefits. This is all considered conservative, but when such values crumble, a society no longer functions,” she warned. Just because it's considered conservative doesn't mean it's wrong. Related video: While the Left loses - Wagenknecht benefits from AfD voters (glomex) Wagenknecht, who was controversial in her party, made it clear that she continues to see herself as a left-wing politician. She advocates for those “who do not come from wealthy families, for people with low and middle incomes.” And she wants to stand up for those who are not “urban high earners”: “From a privileged position you have a different approach to the topic of heat pumps, organic shops or electromobility. The electric second car is attractive if you have enough money, and the heat pump is also great for residents of a well-insulated house. But if people in this milieu look down on people who can’t afford all of this and buy their schnitzel at Aldi, that has nothing to do with a left-wing perspective.” Wagenknecht has been publicly toying with founding his own party for some time. “Founding a party is an incredible effort,” she said. “Many people no longer feel represented by any party and vote AfD out of desperation. I think it would be good if these people had a reputable address again.” A single person cannot decide whether to found a party, because no single person can build a party. With regard to her “Get Up” project, which she started in 2018, she said that it was not well prepared at the time and that it collapsed after a short time despite a great response.