Monday, January 8, 2024

Christian Oliver dies with both daughters in plane crash: Hollywood collects donations

Mercury Christian Oliver dies with both daughters in plane crash: Hollywood collects donations Article by Katja Kraft • 18 hours Director Daniel Harrich remembers “Alarm for Cobra 11” star Christian Oliver “Alarm for Cobra 11” star Christian Oliver died in a plane crash with his two daughters. The Munich director Daniel Harrich and Hollywood are collecting donations for Oliver's relatives. Daniel Harrich can't believe it. A few weeks ago, the Munich director was having lunch with his decades-long friend Christian Oliver in Los Angeles. Laughed with him, made plans with him. “2024 was supposed to be his year,” Harrich remembers in an interview with our newspaper. But on Friday he received the almost unbelievable news from the USA: Christian Oliver is dead. Crashed in a plane accident in the Caribbean. On board were his two little daughters, one ten and the other twelve years old. Like their father and the pilot, the girls did not survive the crash. Oliver, whose real name was Christian Klepser, grew up in Frankfurt am Main and moved to the USA at the age of 21. A competitive market for actors - “but Christian had the same virus that we all have in the industry, he was full of passion for making films,” Daniel Harrich remembers his colleague with a loving smile. “He was more than a colleague. Without Christian, my career would not have had such a start,” emphasizes the filmmaker. It was really strong in Hollywood back then. The now award-winning director Daniel Harrich (“The Blind Spot”) wanted to shoot his thesis “Acholiland” at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles in 2007; was looking for a German-speaking actor, Oliver was recommended to him. “And then he drove up Sunset Boulevard in his vintage Cadillac convertible. And we students thought: 'Wow, he's living the American dream.'" Christian Oliver, who was already famous for his role as Chief Inspector Jan Richter in the RTL action series "Alarm für Cobra 11 - The Motorway Police", didn't even want money. “His agent insisted on a fee, but Christian just said coolly: ‘No nonsense, just do it!’” They did it – and promptly won several awards, including Emmy and Bafta. Harrich calls it an “ultra surprise success,” full of gratitude for his friend who supported him so much back then. She came with him to the film school's graduation ceremony because Harrich's parents couldn't travel from Germany. Who always remained on friendly terms with him, throughout all the years and shared professional projects like “Masters of Death”. Oliver often thought about going back to Germany. He struggled because of his two daughters, who he didn't want to take away from their usual environment. He lived separated from her mother. But in 2024, the 51-year-old decided to take the step: return to Germany with the children. A new beginning at home. “We had arranged to meet at the film festival in Munich, where I wanted to introduce him to a number of people from the industry. It's unbelievable: you just look someone in the eyes, feel that they are ready for a change - and then this misfortune." Daniel Harrich shared an initiative on social media to collect donations for Christian Oliver's family. The transfer from the scene of the accident back home, the burial – “all of that costs a fortune. And this after this brutal dry spell because of the Hollywood strikes last year.” During the work stoppage by the authors and actors, everyone in the industry had to dip into their savings. Hollywood stars like Steven Soderbergh donate to Christian Oliver's family The digital fundraising campaign was initiated by the American comedian Sarah Silverman. Tens of thousands of US dollars have already been raised, including donations from Hollywood greats such as director Steven Soderbergh and comedian Carolin Kebekus. “These donations show how well connected he was. How many people knew him. He was a colorful dog, always cheerful, always combative and optimistic,” remembers Harrich. “A real friend. We will miss him so much.”