Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm only interested in Betty MacDonald

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

if I'm visiting Betty MacDonald fan club blog I do this because I'm interested in receiving more info on Betty MacDonald.

I don't want to hear anything about politics and other items.

Betty MacDonald fan club, change this please because this doesn't belong to the subject of the site.

Wladimir Putin is a very clever and intelligent leader. Excuse me, but the jokes you posted are very cheap.
Some countries might be jealous because their politicans are rather weak and don't have any leader qualities. I'm sorry but that's their problem.

If Wladimir Putin decides to support Russian people in Ukraine he won't ask for permission.

If Russian people in other countries need our support Wladimir Putin and Russian Government will act the same way.

I saw on Russian TV today that Wladimir Putin had a phone call with Angela Merkel and he explained his responsible decision.

Let's focus on Betty MacDonald, please or I won't visit Betty MacDonald fan clug blog in the future.