Monday, March 31, 2014

Betty MacDonald and Monica Sone

Betty MacDonald fan club fans, 

we are working on Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter April with a special Betty MacDonald fan club Easter surprise in it.

Betty MacDonald fan club ESC voting 2014 will start on April 1. No it isn't a joke!
Perhaps Sweden will win or UK, Romania, Germany, Spain or somebody else.

It's the 100th death anniversary of German author and poet Christian Morgenstern. He got TB from his mother and died 100 years ago. There are many Betty MacDonald fan club fans who love Christian Morgenstern's very witty poems. I like the name Morgenstern, means Morning star in English.

Speaking of TB I'm reading Betty MacDonald's The plague and I at the time and Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Monica Sone ( Kimi) is my favourite personality in Betty MacDonald's book.
Kimi is adorable.

Sandra we don't need any umbrellas now. There are no clouds in the sky. The sun is shining all day. The drawings are very funny! Thanks a lot for sharing.


Christian Morgenstern