Friday, March 28, 2014

Betty MacDonald and mudslides

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

our Betty MacDonald fan club research team does a research on Betty MacDonald's experiences with mudslides. There are several letters by Betty MacDonald on this subject in Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection. We are looking for articles, letters and other documents.
Join us, please if you are interested in this Betty MacDonald fan club project. The situation in Washington State is getting more and more dangerous and this has to be changed. The experts warned and nothing happened.

Who will win ESC 2014? TOP 5: Armenia, Romania, UK, Germany, Sweden.
Olga, Ukraine might get several points because of the difficult situation but I don't think Ukraine will have a chance to win. Although the Russian entry isn't bad Russia won't have a chance to win because of Crimea. The voting is also rather political influenced which is very negative for ESC but that's a fact.

MH370 is  a desaster and we all should hope that they find the plane eventually.


US mudslide experts warned of disaster risk
MH370: Thailand satellite picks up Images of possible debris