Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Donald Trump: Ex-President receives senile ridicule after embarrassing confused speech

news.de Donald Trump: Ex-President receives senile ridicule after embarrassing confused speech news.de editor Franziska Kais • 7 hours • 2 minutes reading time Donald Trump has already attacked the incumbent US President Joe Biden countless times and questioned his mental state. But currently it is Donald Trump himself who is confronted with bitter ridicule from senile people. The reason for this is an embarrassing, confused speech that the 77-year-old gave following the fraud trial against him. Donald Trump with a crazy appearance after the fraud trial On Monday, an appeals court gave the former US president more time to pay a fine worth millions and reduced the bail due. After the verdict was announced, the Republican appeared in front of the TV cameras and did not hide his opinion of New York Attorney General Letitia James. But during his angry tirade, Trump made an embarrassing mistake and was promptly ridiculed online. Because: The ex-president didn't seem to know who the current governor of New York is. Donald Trump receives senile ridicule after embarrassing confused speech A video of Donald Trump's speech was shared on the short message service Threads. It said: "Donald Trump just showed off his cognitive decline. Trump falsely claims that Andrew Cuomo is the governor of New York. Share it so all Americans know that Donald Trump is senile." Although Trump doesn't explicitly mention Andrew Cuomo's name in the video, when he talks about Letitia James, he says she also attacked the current governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo is not the current governor of New York, but the former governor. Kathy Hochul currently holds the position. Donald Trump apparently doesn't know who the governor of New York is Trump's embarrassing speech caused ridicule and malice online. “Trump is a fool and has forgotten that Cuomo is no longer in office,” this user is sure. “He probably doesn’t know the name of the current governor,” this user also believes. "I just want him to go away. That's all. Just. Go. Away," another commented on Trump's crazy performance. Donald Trump is increasingly confused during appearances It is far from the first time that Donald Trump has mixed up names during public appearances or made headlines through slips of the tongue. In November 2023, the 77-year-old called Barack Obama the incumbent president and apparently completely forgot (or repressed?) Joe Biden. Furthermore, when he testified in court, he could not remember when he was president.