Friday, November 3, 2023

"As if I didn't have a vagina": Selma Blair still hopes for love "As if I didn't have a vagina": Selma Blair still hopes for love 1 day) Five years ago, Selma Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This not only affects her career as an actress, but also her personal life. The 51-year-old hasn't had any dates since then, but she hasn't given up hope of finding true love. Selma Blair doesn't let her illness get her down. In an interview with the US magazine "Glamour", Selma Blair not only talks about her multiple sclerosis (MS), but also about the hope of finding love again. And she also makes her career since her diagnosis the subject of the special issue “2023 Women of the Year”. “What falling in love does to your mind is not something you should take lightly,” said the 51-year-old. "It colors everything. I still believe that if I stay true to myself, that one person will come into my life one day." She thinks she deserves it and "that I'm in a good position to put my best foot forward." Blair says she has hope for the first time in her life, but she also admits that since her diagnosis was announced, she has been worried that the disease could scare away potential suitors. "I think saying I'm disabled just confuses people," she explains. "Like I don't have a vagina." "Had bad relationships" Things weren't always easy for Selma Blair when it came to love. "I was in a bad relationship. I didn't realize how emotionally abusive and controlling they were and how the men took advantage of meeting me at a really vulnerable time." She used to believe she “deserved” the abuse. "When you're in a difficult situation, you can meet opportunistic people. That's really dangerous." Selma Blair was married to Ahmet Zappa from 2004 to 2006 and to Jason Bleick from 2010 to 2012. With him she has her son Arthur, who is now twelve. Since her diagnosis five years ago, Blair says she hasn't been on a single date. She recently met someone at a friend's birthday party who made her change her mind. "There was something about this person that inspired me to see myself differently because of the way he looked at the world," Blair said. "Even in this short meeting I thought: I have something that I didn't even know I had." "Because I wasn't a big star, no one was looking for me" In the very open interview, the actress also talks about the influence of her MS diagnosis on her career. "I still feel like I never really got into acting because after 'Hellboy' I was so sick that I withdrew. And because I wasn't a big star, no one was looking for me," she sums up. But she knows that she can continue if she wants. "I think that's the key to everything. When you're comfortable with yourself, it doesn't matter if you stumble because you know how to pick yourself back up." And she notes that she has “such damn determination.”