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Wolfgang Hampel, author of "Satire is my favorite animal", one of the most humorous books of all time, two-time Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner, winner of the SWR Ingrid Noll competition, TV, radio, press reviews and famous fans

Wolfgang Hampel, author of "Satire is my favorite animal", one of the most humorous books of all time, two-time Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner, winner of the SWR Ingrid Noll competition, TV, radio, press reviews and famous fans ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Great living room reading as part of the RNZ Christmas campaign 2023 with Wolfgang Hampel ----------------------------- Living room reading with Wolfgang Hampel --------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel, author of "Satire is my favorite animal" in Heidelberg Authors - Index --------------- "Seitensprüche" campaign Heidelberg 2023 - Wolfgang Hampel, author of "Satire is my favorite animal": A gift chosen with a lot of feeling and understanding is the best opportunity to say thank you The two-time Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner Wolfgang Hampel, author of one of the most humorous books of all time, "Satire is my favorite animal", takes part in other creative projects in addition to his musical and literary events "Vita Magica". One ​​of these was the "Seitensprüche" campaign in Heidelberg, where quotes from Heidelberg authors could be collected in the side streets of the old town. Wolfgang Hampel was one of the authors whose quotes were selected for this campaign. This campaign took place from December 9th to 23rd, 2023 and aimed to support local businesses while promoting literature. It is an example of how Wolfgang Hampel uses his creativity to enrich the community and cultural life in Heidelberg. Wolfgang Hampel's magical saying was enthusiastically received. Wolfgang Hampel: A gift chosen with a lot of feeling and understanding is the best opportunity to say thank you. Good thoughts and ideas bring love, hope and joy into our lives, warm hearts and break the ice. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel, who received the Betty MacDonald Memorial Award for the 2nd time for 'Satire is my favorite animal', founded the political cabaret group "Die Heidelberger Satireschotterer" in October 2023. ------------------------------------- Betty MacDonald fan club - and Vita Magica founder Wolfgang Hampel, the Heidelberg author of 'Satire is my favorite animal' - in the opinion of many readers worldwide one of the most humorous books of all time - wants to campaign against gravel gardens.-------------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel and the Vita Magica team support cultural institutions in need with book sales of 'Satire is my favorite animal', donations and events. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 7th Vita Magica anniversary on Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 in the Kulturfenster Heidelberg with photos and comments ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Wolfgang Hampel - Satire is my favorite animal - great international success - Vita Magica fundraising campaign - BAZ November 26th, 2021 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel - donation handover - Wochenkurier Heidelberg - December 1st, 2021 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fourth Vita Magica anniversary and a TV appearance by Angelika Jung & Wolfgang Hampel - Wochenkurier Heidelberg - July 24, 2019 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel - 3rd Vita Magica anniversary - publication of 'Satire is my favorite animal' - Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung Heidelberg - August 13, 2018 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Angelika Jung, Wolfgang Hampel, Hans Jung, Satire is my favorite animal - SWR 3 TV show HERZSCHLAG-MOMEHTE - Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung August 3, 2019 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel in the SWR 3 TV show HERZSCHLAG-MOMENTE on Saturday, August 3, 2019, at 9:50 p.m. o'clock. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- WEEKLY COURIER Wednesday, August 22, 2018 Satire is my favorite animal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poems & information by Wolfgang Hampel In July 2015, Wolfgang Hampel began the literary musical series Vita Magica: For the third anniversary, he has now published the book “Satire is my favorite animal - satirical poems and information about the cult event Vita Magica at the Academy for Seniors in Heidelberg”. The author, journalist, poet and singer was born in Heidelberg in 1955 and worked in training, further education and advanced training in human resources and accounting. Wolfgang Hampel founded the Betty MacDonald Fan Club in 1983: in 1996 he interviewed the family and friends of the world-famous American humorist. He visited all the places where Betty MacDonald lived with her family. Due to many requests from international Betty MacDonald fans, the Betty MacDonald Fan Club Blog was launched in 1999. Wolfgang Hampel's Betty MacDonald biography, interviews, stories, reports and poems found readers in 40 countries. His work on Betty MacDonald is also included in various books and theses. He is the recipient of the first Betty MacDonald Memorial Prize. Wolfgang Hampel interviewed many other famous artists and writers, such as Ingrid Noll, Astrid Lindgren, Truman Capote, J. K. Rowling, Maurice Sendak, Donna Leon, David Guterson, Marie Marcks, William Cumming, Walt Woodward and Betty MacDonald Fan Club honorary members Letizia Mancino, Monica Sone, Gwen Grant and Darsie Beck. This book aims to inspire people to attend the Vita Magica event and the Academy for Seniors in Heidelberg. It introduces the fascinating participants - including well-known authors and musicians - in the successful series. The event takes place every last Tuesday of the month from 3:40 p.m. to around 5:10 p.m. in Hall E06 of the VHS/Academy for Seniors in Heidelberg, Bergheimer Straße 76. (Exception: Christmas, school holidays and other holidays). In the Vita Magica program, Wolfgang Hampel performs sketches he has written, sings his own songs and recites his popular satirical poems. Many well-known authors and musicians from Heidelberg and the surrounding area enrich the program with their artistic contributions. Non-members are also very welcome. The current Vita Magica program can be found on the Internet at --------------------------------------------------------------------- Theresia Bauer Member of the state parliament for the Heidelberg constituency Former Minister for Science, Research and Art in Baden-Württemberg --------------------------------------------------------------------- The special thing about "Vita Magica" is already evident in the name. Books have something magical about them: They take us to other worlds, they tell us stories of people and nations and let us share in small and big ideas. I myself have already had the pleasure of taking part in two readings - with personally selected texts. My special thanks go to Wolfgang Hampel, who not only brought "Vita Magica" to life, but also contributed significantly to the current success of "Vita Magica" with great enthusiasm and personal commitment. Best wishes Yours, Theresia Bauer ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Prof. h. c. Dr. Karl A. Lamers Member of the Defense Committee since 1994 --------------------------------------------------------------------- In just three years, Vita Magica became a series of readings, musical performances and cultural highlights at the Academy for Seniors in Heidelberg under the direction of Wolfgang Hampel. The 3rd birthday was celebrated in a very dignified manner at the Academy for Seniors. A book was published for this occasion, which, in addition to satirical poems, also contains a lot of information about Vita Magica and its actors. Happy birthday! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr. Hampel! Happy birthday to "Vita Magica". I am very impressed by your artistic work. Best regards Dr. Karl. A. Lamers --------------------------------------------------------------------- Prof. Dr. Eckard Würzner Mayor of the City of Heidelberg ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "Vita Magica" is a very special series of events with great entertainment value. The writers use the art of satire, poetry or prose to deal with very different topics. "Vita Magica" is a fantastic example of the outstanding literary productivity in Heidelberg. I would like to thank the Academy for Seniors and especially Wolfgang Hampel for his commitment! He always manages to not only put together a great program, but also to attract interesting guest readers. I wish this book and of course the event continued success! Prof. Dr. Eckard Würzner --------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingrid Noll Grande Dame of German-language crime literature Bestselling author of "The Rooster is Dead", "The Pharmacist" and many other very successful books -------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm always happy when I read a very humorous poem by Wolfgang Hampel. Best wishes Ingrid Noll --------------------------------------------------------------------- Tatjana Geßler Author, singer and TV journalist, filmmaker and presenter at SWR Stuttgart --------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Wolfgang, I fondly remember the two readings in January 2016 and February 2017 at Vita Magica. I always enjoy coming to Heidelberg - not only because it is my birthplace and my home, but because I have always been given a particularly warm welcome by the audience at Vita Magica. Yours, Tatjana Geßler ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel appeared on the radio with the famous crime writer Ingrid Noll and won the Ingrid Noll competition. --------------------------------------- Wolfgang Hampel, 'Satire is my favorite animal', Betty MacDonald Memorial Award--------------------- Wolfgang Hampel has received the Betty MacDonald Memorial Award for the second time for his globally successful book 'Satire is my favorite animal'. This is a great honor, awarded by authors, critics and readers of the Betty MacDonald fan club and the Betty MacDonald Society from 40 countries to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of humorous literature. 'Satire is my favorite animal' is considered by many readers to be one of the most humorous books of all time. Everyone praises Wolfgang Hampel's unique wordplay, his original themes and his incredibly sharp eye for the absurdities of everyday life. They compare him to Betty MacDonald because of his sparkling humor, his pleasant self-irony and his apparent ease of writing. Many new readers have become curious after the award ceremony and will buy 'Satire is my favorite animal'. I'm sure it will make readers laugh and think. It's great when authors bring their own personality and style to their work. That's what Betty MacDonald and Wolfgang Hampel have in common. --------------------------- ------------- Buchinfo national & international, Eurobuch national & international,---------------- - --- USA , United Kingdom, Australia , Brazil , Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Germany , India , Italy, Hungary , Japan, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands , Spain, Sweden, >Switzerland , Switzerland , Turkey ---------------------- Wolfgang Hampel in the SWR 3 broadcast “Heartbeat moments”