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Great England frustration because of Musiala Great England frustration because of Musiala History from SPORT1 • 4 hours • 3 minutes reading time The second group victory also commands respect from the international press. There is frustration in England because of a German superstar. Great England frustration because of Musiala Germany did not have the "roller" in the second group game - but it was still enough for the next sovereign victory against Hungary, and that also commands respect from the international press. " Even without the roller, it's Germany," wrote the Spanish Marca, in France people are impressed by the diverse resources in the midfield. "The trio Wirtz-Gündogan-Musiala hurt Hungary - and Toni Kroos ruled in the midfield," wrote L'Equipe. HUNGARY Nepszava: "The game was better, but the end was the same. Much more eye-catching football than before was not enough against the Germans. It looks bad, but it is not yet hopeless." SPAIN Marca: "Even without the steamroller, it's Germany. A tougher win than expected for the hosts, but a valuable one." .... on Musiala: "It's no longer Bambi, it's the Terminator: "'Some players still call me Bambi. I have no problem with it, but I think I've overcome that role,' said Musiala shortly before the start of the Euros. He's right. The nickname Leroy Sané gave him because of his slim stature is passé. He has gained muscle mass and become a 'weapon of mass destruction'. Now he's called 'The Terminator', and he's deadly in front of goal." AS: "Gündogan is worth his weight in gold: a goal and an assist from the FC Barcelona midfielder were enough to beat the Hungarians and qualify for the next round early. It was a battle - but when push comes to shove, the stars of this team come into their own." FRANCE L'Equipe: "Germany were irresistible at the start of their European Championship and confirmed their success against Hungary. An even match against a team organised in a 3-4-3 system that caused problems for the hosts for a long time. However, the hosts had too many resources, especially in midfield, not to beat a technically limited opponent. The Wirtz-Gündogan-Musiala trio hurt Hungary - and Toni Kroos ruled in midfield." ENGLAND The Sun: "Home advantage: Germany are in the round of 16. Sounds routine, but it is a signal that the Boys from Berlin are back after their recent problems. The victory was also thanks to the impressive athleticism of experienced goalkeeper Manuel Neuer." Guardian: "The Germans have momentum. It may not have been quite the exuberant football they showed against Scotland, but it was more than enough to impress a lively crowd who, by the end, felt they could start to believe." Daily Mail: "Two thoughts are coming back to haunt me with every Germany game in this tournament. One is that they are becoming more and more the favourites and the other is the identity of the foolish soul who allowed Jamal Musiala to walk away from English football. What a wonderful player and what a reason for England to kick themselves that that link with his homeland ended with the U21s." BBC: "It wasn't the fluid performance they showed in the opening game but it was certainly a good one at this stage of the tournament. And in 21-year-old Musiala, Germany have one of the most outstanding talents - how far he can carry them is the question on everyone's mind." ITALY Gazzetta dello Sport: "It wasn't as easy as the opener but Germany take their second win and are already in the last 16. Neuer is one of the best along with Musiala and Gündogan." Corriere dello Sport: "Big party in Stuttgart, where the German team confirmed what it did well on its debut." AUSTRIA Krone: "PINK PARTY - Germany storms into the round of 16! It can now play against Switzerland without much pressure." Austria: "Pink Panther definitely in the round of 16. Germany has done it, dominant and in control." SWITZERLAND Blick: "First shaky, then confident: Germany in the round of 16. The pink jersey is certainly not good enough as pajamas, against Hungary Germany has to be wide awake from the first second. Brave Hungarians remain unrewarded." Tages-Anzeiger: "After a tough game, a well-deserved victory: Germany prevails against Hungary. The opponent did not make it as easy for coach Julian Nagelsmann's team as the Scots had done before." USA New York Times: "Germany reached the round of 16 quite comfortably. Although they have not played against any of the top teams yet, they are a fearsome opponent and even the better teams in the tournament will not like playing against them." ----- with Sport-Informations-Dienst