Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Betty MacDonald's treasures


Olexander, I love Abba so much and their song THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL fits very well to Barack Obama's great victory.

Pieter, it's true. Betty MacDonald is Nr. 1 in this country in 2012.
We aren't talking about the past.

I'm very happy after joining Betty MacDonald fan club.

The international Betty MacDonald fan club meetings are very well organized and you can find so many new Betty MacDonald fans in 40 countries around the world.

We can be so proud of the very successful  Betty MacDonald fan club research teams.

I'd like to talk about  this Betty MacDonald fan club running gag very often mentioned here on Betty MacDonald fan club blog:

There is nothing new under the sun after all those years.

It's the opposite.
Betty MacDonald fan club research teams recently found the most important and interesting Betty MacDonald fan club items in our history.

Imagine, it happened after all those years.

A famous writer said ( I can't remember the name right now, perhaps you  know it ):

Every day in childhood was exciting because we sailed away to find new treasures.
Adults don't feel this way.

I won't say this.

I know many adults who try to find new treasures every day.

                                 I belong to this group.

Although there are so many bores in the world for example this person  - who ever it might be -  who wrote this running Betty MacDonald fan club gag but seriously believes it's true, Betty MacDonald would call this person a terrible bore and I'd  agree
( remember Alison Bard Burnett and Wolfgang Hampel in Betty MacDonald interviews ),  there is also lots of imagination, creativity, activity and optimism  in the world.

Betty MacDonald, Monica Sone, Alison Bard Burnett, Wolfgang Hampel,  Gwen Grant, Letizia Mancino, Darsie Beck, Mary Holmes, Mr. Tigerli  and many of the Betty MacDonald fan club members are the best examples for this.

Therefore we won't ever say: Oh dear, it's such a very grey and boring November day.

We won't have any boring days because Betty MacDonald fan club is the opposite of boring.

Betty MacDonald fan club members are very active - especially our Betty MacDonald fan club honor members.

Mr. Tigerli, I have to say you are bit slowly in these days because we are waiting for your new very exciting treasure stories quiete a time. ( but of course  I'd like to be patient  because I adore your golden stories so much )

A huge Betty MacDonald and Mr. Tigerli fan