Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Betty MacDonald successful all over the world


Nora, thank you very much for sharing the link.

Bring back Betty MacDonald is very well written but in fact we don't have to bring back Betty MacDonald.

Betty MacDonald is very popular in many countries.

There is a country where Betty MacDonald is extremely successful.
THE EGG AND I  is the most popular book ever in  this country although there are so many  Harry Potter books. What do you think? It's true.
Do you have any idea about which country I'm talking about?

If you know the answer send a mail to my account, please ( see Betty MacDonald fan club Newsletter November Page 1 ) and you'll receive a special Betty MacDonald fan club surprise.

Dear Betty MacDonald fan club fans, good luck.

The answer isn't too difficult.

I'm sure very clever Mr. Tigerli knows it.

Hopefully Mr. Tigerli's new exciting stories will come soon.

We could need some sunshine in our hearts because of very grey November.

Mr. Tigerli hurry up, please.  Don't let us wait  too long. Thanks a lot.

Looking forward to hear from you,