Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Betty MacDonald's life in photos


Pascal, thank you for your contribution.

Reading this very special Betty MacDonald letter about her favourite authors and books will be fascinatiing as always.

The Betty MacDonald fan club research team with Doris, Frank, Maria, Robert and me is working on Betty MacDonald's life in photos.

You can see some of Betty MacDonald's, Mary Bard Jensen's and  Alison Bard Burnett's  family members for the very first time even beloved Gammy and Betty MacDonald's famous dog Tudor.

I have to laugh all the time while reading Wolfgang Hampel's very witty poems in the morning.
Although I'm still rather tired and I dislike November  it makes my day.

You have to know I'm what Betty MacDonald described as morning hater.

My love to Betty MacDonald fan club fans, Wolfgang Hampel, Mr. Tigerli and his russian girl,