Friday, November 23, 2012

Betty MacDonald's Christmas


Bea and Yaroslav, I'd like to join Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen  fan club research team.

My mother sent several letters to Betty MacDonald and her sister Mary Bard Jensen.

As Christmas was always very important in our family mother wanted to know everything about Christmas celebration in the Bard family.

Mother got very interesting letters and photos from Betty and Mary.

You can see really huge  Christmas trees, decoration, family, gifts, cards and much more.

Our family loves Christmas as much as Betty MacDonald, Mary Bard Jensen and Alison Bard Burnett.

We adore the delightful Christmas stories Alison Bard Burnett shares in her interviews with Wolfgang Hampel.

Sister Dede is wonderful in Alison Bard Burnett's  memories.

Don't laugh about me, please.

I know very well  I shouldn't talk so much about Christmas in November  but I have to tell you some golden Christmas stories in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter December.

I wonder what sort of Christmas Mr. Tigerli has?

Is Mr. Tigerli sitting with his russian girl under the Christmas tree?

All the best,