Monday, November 26, 2012

Betty MacDonald letter


Hi Anita and Anita Kitt II,

it's always interesting to read about your Betty MacDonald procjects.

I'd like to contribute a Betty MacDonald letter. Betty describes in detail her relationship with her pets.

I got a copy of this letter from my english friend and she gave me the permission to share it.

Betty MacDonald's letters are the most important documents.

Do you remember the last sentence in Betty MacDonald's The egg and I?

The hen is the boss.  I'd say it's the cat.

We are so excited to read a new Mr. Tigerli story.

I asked Stine when it'll be published. Stine said  she  had some serious problems with the computer at the moment.

We are going to read Mr. Tigerli's new story soon.

I mention this because I know how many fans unique Mr. Tigerli has.

Be a bit patient, please. Imagine you were  a cat and  hunting a mouse...............

Greetings to Betty MacDonald fan club members, Anita, Eartha Kitt II, Mr. Tigerli and his russian girl.

November isn't a problem even if the weather is so grey...........

Thank you,