Sunday, November 11, 2012

Betty MacDonald's The Egg and I Nr. 1


Karlis, I just heard Barack Obama is also the winner in Florida.

We are very happy about  Barack Obama's  great result.

I was very glad to hear that Betty MacDonald supported the Democrats.

The Betty MacDonald letters describing her political statements are fascinating.

I adore this very intelligent lady so much.

Betty MacDonald's books aren't dated and so are her letters.

Betty MacDonald is very popular all over the world but I  have a problem with Olof's question.

Olof mentioned that Betty MacDonald's book The Egg and I is the most  popular book  in this country.

About which time frame is Olof  talking about?

Dear Olof and Betty MacDonald fan club fans thanks a lot for your information.

When will the new Mr. Tigerli essays be available?

Perhaps Mr. Tigerli and the russian girl can help me to find the answer.