Sunday, November 5, 2023

Mega-Zoff despite 4-0 win: Feud with Lothar Matthäus: Tuchel breaks off Sky interview

EXPRESS Mega-Zoff despite 4-0 win: Feud with Lothar Matthäus: Tuchel breaks off Sky interview Article by Béla Csányi (bc) • 18 mins Thomas Tuchel was energized during Bayern's victory in the Bundesliga summit at Borussia Dortmund. Emotional roller coaster ride for Thomas Tuchel (50)! The Bayern coach started the Bundesliga summit at Borussia Dortmund with a frustrated interview on Sky, and after his team's furious 4-0 win there was another TV row about the Bayern coach. Although Tuchel had concluded the pre-match interview with Patrick Wasserziehr (57) in a conciliatory manner after an initial bruising, he suddenly canceled the analysis appointment at the TV table after the final whistle when Sky expert Lothar Matthäus (62) made various taunts launched into a counter-argument. Thomas Tuchel doesn't feel like talking to Sky Already after the introduction by Sebastian Hellmann (56), Tuchel made it clear that he was not in the mood for a peaceful, sporting analysis. “It’s all very surprising,” he scoffed when asked about the reasons for the 4-0 win at BVB: “Lothar knows it. And if Lothar doesn’t know it, then Didi (Sky expert Dietmar Hamann, editor’s note) definitely knows it.” As the conversation continued, Tuchel repeatedly blocked attempts at dialogue and packed numerous quips against the two Sky experts in his sentences. When Matthäus intervened at the end and asked “Can I say something now?”, Tuchel broke off the conversation. Tuchel was particularly annoyed recently when Matthäus complained about the team's lack of further development and spoke about bad phases in Munich's game. At the press conference on Friday, the coach had already spoken ironically about the expert opinions from the Sky camp - just as he did the previous week with a tip against Dietmar Hamann. During the review on Saturday evening, Tuchel, Matthäus and Hellmann sometimes talked wildly at one another in the Sky broadcast; a conversation only came up intermittently in the sporting analysis. At the end of the conversation, the tensions ultimately led to Tuchel's departure from the TV table.