Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perry Woodfin Betty MacDonald fan club honor member


Betty MacDonald fan club honor members are the most outstanding personalities.

We adore Monica Sone, Darsie Beck, Gwen Grant, Letizia Mancino, Mary Holmes and Mr. Tigerli.

And most of all beloved Linde Lund and unique Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel.

Today we have the honor and great pleasure to welcome a new Betty MacDonald fan club honor member.

Welcome dear Perry Woodfin, son of unforgettable beloved Don Woodfin.

Perry Woodfin is an artist, poet and writer.

We love Perry Woodfin's excellent Betty MacDonald poem, his wonderful artworks and book SMOKE AND DUST.

We heard Perry Woodfin on radio and enjoyed it very much.

Don't miss it, please.