Friday, January 25, 2013

Betty MacDonald Research Contest 2013


Who will be the winners of Betty MacDonald Research Contest 2013?

Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter February includes the Betty MacDonald Research Contest Info.

Your contributions are very welcome.

A very good advice.

I listened to Wolfgang Hampel's Betty MacDonald interviews and got some very interesting information for further research.

Although some so called 'Betty MacDonald experts' say the opposite don't believe these jealous bores, please.

There is always something new under the sun after all those years.

Come on! Let's dig and find Betty MacDonald's and Mr. Piggle-Wiggle's treasures!

Hello to Mr. Tigerli and his russian girl.

Folks, how are you doing?

Artist and writer Perry Woodfin is a great Betty MacDonald fan club honor member.

Betty MacDonald would have loved his Betty MacDonald poem.