Saturday, January 26, 2013

Betty MacDonald's treasures


I'd like to join one of the Betty MacDonald research teams.

I'd prefer Greta's, Anita's, Ole's, Beat's  or Martine's Betty MacDonald research teams.

I got a huge Betty MacDonald collection which my greatgrandmother started to collect in the forties.
Several family members including my greatgrandmother and grandmother had been in contact with beloved Bard family.

I'm going to share all the items we have and there are lots of it.

I'm sure Betty MacDonald research teams will find many more Betty MacDonald's and Mr. Piggle-Wiggle's treasures in the future.

There is always something new under the sun after all those years.

I know every Betty MacDonald fan club member is convinced about this fact.

As Betty MacDonald's very bright sister Alison Bard Burnett says in her interviews with Betty MacDonald Award winner Wolfgang Hampel: There are too many terrible bores in the world.

I'd like to add: And we don't need any of these bores here!

We can be very grateful and happy having the most wonderful  Betty MacDonald fan club and honor members.

Special greetings to Perry Woodfin and Mr. Tigerli.

Mr. Tigerli, take good care of the russian girl, please.
The girl's job is much more diffcult and complicated than most of us thought.

Enjoy your weekend,