Friday, January 4, 2013

Betty MacDonald collection


many greetings to Betty MacDonald fan club fans and best wishes for 2013!

How is Mr. Tigerli and the russian girl  doing?

Did Mr. Tigerli already send a 2013 present to our very beloved Linde Lund?

Astrid, very good Betty MacDonald news.

2013 will  be a very successful year for Betty MacDonald fan club.

I'm very impressed of  new family pics and Betty MacDonald letters.

There is always something new under the sun after all those years although some very ignorant bores believe the opposite.
I can't help I feel a bit  sorry for these poor ones. Maybe it's because of  my serious helper syndrome as my son always uses to say.

I know Betty MacDonald wouldn't because she wasn't fond of dull bores at all.

I recenty shared with my grandmother who owns a huge Betty MacDonald collection  some very intereresting Betty MacDonald fan club news.

Grandmother was very pleased and  is willing to donate several Betty MacDonald and other family letters.
( Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter January Page 2 B )

Goscha, congratulations to your new famous russian citizen.

Who will be next?  Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Nancy and Plum or even very famous Mr. Tigerli?