Sunday, April 6, 2014

Betty MacDonald's handwritten letter

Betty MacDonald fan club fans:

Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter April incl. a very witty handwritten letter by Betty MacDonald. That's one of  Betty MacDonald's Easter eggs for Betty MacDonald fan club fans from all over the world.

More Betty MacDonald fan club ESC contest best ESC song info: Portugal: A cidade até ser dia 1993, Lithuania: You got style 2001, Malta: Angel 2005, Poland: To nie ja 1994, Croatia: winner 1989, Montegro: Just get out of my life 2009,  Slovenia: Prisluhni mi 1995, Iceland: All out of luck 1999, San Marino:  Chrisalide 2013, Israel: winner 1998, Estonia: winner 2001, Latvia: winner 2002, Turkey: winner 2003, Ukraine: winner 2004, Greece: winner 2005, Finland: winner 2006, Serbia: winner 2007, Russia: winner 2008, Norway: winner 2009, Acerbaijan: winner 2011, Armenia: Qele, qele 2008, Belarus:  Work your Magic 2007.

Let's start Betty MacDonald fan club ESC voting for the best ESC song ever - today. It'll be very exciting because there are the most succesful ESC songs in history. We have several votings because there are so many entries. Deadline for first voting: April 15: We have the TOP 10. You are not allowed to vote for your own country. 12 pts for 1st place until 1 point for 10 th place.
Let's start it. Who will be the best ESC entry ever?

Who will win ESC 2014? These are the songs I like: United Kingdom 12 pts, Germany 10 pts, Romania 8 pts, Sweden 7 pts, Armenia 6 pts, Russia 5 pts, Spain 4 pts, Ukraine 3 pts, Hungary 2 pts, Italy 1 pt. I believe UK, Germany, Romania and Sweden have very good chances to win ESC 2014.