Sunday, April 27, 2014

Betty MacDonald about very important issues

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection contains several letters.
Betty MacDonald was very much afraid because of the destroying of nature.

I'm rereading The Egg and I.
I'm very impressed that Betty MacDonald described the very sad situation of the woods in 1945.
Thanks a lot for mentioning it dear Alena!

Many countries are aware of these problems today for example if you can't breathe in the cities because of  Smog like in Beijing and other cities and places around the World. Everybody can see that we have to do something to change this. It's really very urgent.

There are so many more very important issues Betty MacDonald mentions in her letters and books.

More info in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter May 2014.

Betty MacDonald fan club ESC fans are very excited in these days. Who will win? The winner takes it all.

Betty MacDonald fan club ESC 2014 voting: United Kingdom 12, Sweden 10, Germany 8, Armenia 7, Austria 6, Romania 5, Russia 4, Ukraine 3, Azerbaijan 2, Spain 1

Betty MacDonald fan club ESC Best song: Greece 12, Sweden 10, Ukraine 8, Germany 7, Italy 6,  Ireland 5, Spain 4, Portugal 3, UK 2, Norway 1


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Beijing Smog