Friday, April 25, 2014

Betty MacDonald and politics

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One of the Betty MacDonald fan club esssays in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter May will be

                                     Betty MacDonald and politics.

That's a very important subject. Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection contains some very important letters and documents by Betty MacDonald with  her political statements.

ESC 2014: Spain 12, UK 10, Germany 8, Armenia 7, Sweden 6, Romania 5, Ukraine 4, Russia 3, Azerbaijan 2, Austria 1

ESC BEST SONG: UK 12, Germany 10, Sweden 8, Spain 7, Norway 6, Ukraine 5, Italy 4, Greece 3, Ireland 2, Portugal 1

Spain will win ESC 2014 and UK is the winner of ESC BEST SONG.

It's very sad what happens in Ukraine.


Brotherhood of Man - ESC 1976 - UK

Ukraine - The escalation  Part 1  #F24 debate