Friday, January 10, 2014

Betty MacDonald fan club Xmas contest answer


dear Betty MacDonald and Michael Schumacher fans,

as we say no news mean no bad news!

I'm very curious where we can find the amazing answer to Betty MacDonald fan club Xmas contest.

I don't like little table Christmas trees but 22 feet high ones are enormous trees.

As Betty MacDonald's unique sister Mary Bard Jensen said:  Betty, think big and Betty MacDonald did what her sister told her.

Andrea I don't believe Betty MacDonald would buy these jackets for her chickens.
I had to laugh while watching this. Isn't it a bit crazy?

It was a good decision of Thomas Hitzlsperger. He needs the support of every footfall fan to finish the gay bashing. It's time for a change.

Michael Schumacher and his family also need our support.

Greetings to all Betty MacDonald and Michael Schumacher fans from all over the world and in Grenoble,


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