Monday, September 24, 2012

New Betty MacDonald Fan Club Items


We have a huge Betty MacDonald Fan Club surprise for you.

Very important new items for our Betty MacDonald Fan Club Collection.

You can read the fascinating story in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter October.

Yes, indeed dear Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans!
There is always something new under the sun. You only have to find it.

Poor Ella, I have the same experiences and can understand your situation very well.

What can we do?

Perhaps Mr. Tigeli or ' new Betty MacDonald  from Italy '  knows the answer.

Betty MacDonald's grandmother Gammy would say: Men are pigs. Don't allow them to go to the kitchen.

But I doubt we can act so strict.  No we can't because we don't hate men the way Gammy did.
In fact we like men. Excuse us, Gammy!

My Eurovison Top voting:  Sweden, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, UK , Russia, Poland, France, Latvia  and Spain.