Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Betty MacDonald's friends and enemies


Greta, thanks a lot.

I'm very lucky  to win Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest.

The question was rather easy.

You can find the answer in Onions in the Stew, Chapter IX, Other friends and enemies.
Betty MacDonald was very sad when the mouse died. She felt rather guilty but  husband Donald MacDonald was the killer with a mouse trap.

Letizia Mancino's experiences with the mouse is very witty and there even is a Happy End.
Family and friends love it.

Greta, that's right.. There is only one thing we dislike.

Our new Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member Mr. Tigerli should have  a better lover than his current  'friend'. We feel kind of sorry for him.

There are very important actions like FREE PUSSY RIOT  and we support this very much.

There should be also an action  BETTER LOVER FOR MR. TIGERLI.

We hope Letizia Mancino and her husband enjoyed the stay in Washington State very much.
We can't wait to read more about their experiences.
Thanks a lot.

Many greetings to  Betty MacDonald fans in London. Enjoy the Paralympics. Guys,  I know you will rock London! I wished I could join you.

I got a mail from London that Ben found a very interesting copy of  Mary Bard Jensen's book Forty odd. If you are lucky enough you can find the most important items.

Ben is writing a report for Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter.

Wolfgang Hampel's poems will continue to delight Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans around the world as he does with his unique Betty MacDonald interviews and biographies.

What about the new Eva Vargas project?