Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Betty MacDonald's Onions in the Stew


We enjoy Mr. Tigerli's website very much:


Thomas I don't know what Mr. Tigerli or Letizia Mancino say to this.

I agree with Betty MacDonald and Betty MacDonald fan Elizabeth.

Men and women are very different but nevertheless we need each other.

I have to laugh when I'm reading Betty MacDonald's descriptions of her beloved but rather strange husband Donald MacDonald in ONIONS IN THE STEW.

My second husband Paul ( much better than my very strange first one was ) is a wonderful man but you should see our kitchen after Paul wass cooking.

It looks like a battlefield and I have to work for hours and hours after such an event.

Paul is an ecxcellent cook and I really  enjoy his cooking results but I'm very much afraid when Paul says: Ella, darling I have a huge surprise for you. I'll be the cook today.


Thomas I don't want to add anything more.

It's true what Betty MacDonald tells us in ONIONS IN THE STEW.
Don and Paul's behaviour is typical man.

After all I agree with your Eurovision votes.

Ukraine should be the winner. Sweden, Germany, Russia, Latvia and UK are my other favourites.

Thomas I have to go back to our kitchen now.

What a mess!

Paul was cooking yesterday..............................