Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Betty MacDonald's letters and documents


I was rereading Betty MacDonald's Onions in the Stew.

Ella and Rena, we  agree with Betty MacDonald.

We have the same kitchen experiences like Betty MacDonald  with our dear husbands.

I'm going to visit Mr. Tigerli's website to chamge my mind.


Really cute!

Betty MacDonald fan club collection is growing.

We can learn more about gifted writer Betty MacDonald and her family every day.

Several Betty MacDonald fans donated the most interesting documents and letters.

Thank you so much for this outstanding support.

What about a  Betty MacDonald documentary with new interviews,  photos, documents and many more information?

We can do it because there is lots of fascinating material available.

We hope some more Betty MacDonald interviews by Wolfgang Hampel will be published in the future.


The Betty MacDonald fan club  DVD with Betty MacDonald's wonderful sister Alison Bard Burnett and very witty Wolfgang Hampel visiting the Bard house near Roosevelt High School is outstanding.


You can see all the rooms and  the yard.  

Alison Bard Burnett describes house and rooms and shares many delightful family stories.
What an unique document!

Delightful Alison Bard Burnett and Wolfgang Hampel had so much fun doing this.

Although we have this treasure DVD it's  really depressing and very, very sad  ( much, much more sad than our kitchen experiences ) that the Bard house had been demolished.
If you ask me Mr. Tigerli should crawl them for this.
I'm really sad and angry and I know I'm not the only one.

Seattle and Washington State should honor a gifted writer like Betty MacDonald but it seems reality looks different.

Let's change the subject. I don't want to cry.

We'll have a new Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest in October.

You can win the most interestng Betty MacDonald prices and Lasse won't win this time.
OK, Lasse?

Take part, please.

You'll receive the info soon.

As devoted Letizia Mancino and Mr. Tigerli fans we can't wait to read Letizia Mancino's outstanding Betty MacDonald experiences.