Thursday, January 1, 2015

Betty MacDonald, Letizia Mancino and Mr. Tigerli

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

we wish you a very happy 2015!

We just got a letter from Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Letizia Mancino.

Letizia Mancino shares new info on Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli and his new girl friend.



Betty MacDonald forum

Dearest Linde and Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

we are now in Rome.

I just opened the computer!
Thank you very much  for your great  work for Betty MacDonald fan club!
Mr. Tigerli is indeed very strange!

I do not think that he really likes to marry the  Phyton lady Julia; she is too expensive for him!

But the truth is  she would like to go to India with him and introduce Mr. Tigerli to  her parents!

They are 5 meters long and 15 cm thick! Mr. Tigerli does not  like that!
You can tell everybody that Mr. Tigerli apologizes very much the exchange of  the Russian girl with the snake.

He prefers a father in law from Russia! He rather would drink one liter Wodka with a future father-in-law from Novosibirsk than to meet future snake parents in Calcutta! 

This is the happy news for 2015!
I hope that you might publish these good news as soon as possible.
Happy new year from ice-cold Rome,

Letizia and Christoph