Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Betty MacDonald fan club DVD

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club organizer Linde Lund  and Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel are going to share their new Betty MacDonald fan club projects during this month.

Betty MacDonald fan club event DVD's from London and Berlin are available now.
They include some very interesting interviews.

I'd like to know when  Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli was born.
We should have a huge birthday party for our very special Betty MacDonald fan club honor member. 
Don't worry, fans! Ms. P. will only be a strange episode in Mr. Tigerli's very active love life.

It's so funny what Betty MacDonald wrote about women and men, although my husband does not agree at all but it's true what Betty wrote.

Brad Craft is really brilliant.

I always enjoy breakfast at the bookstore. 

We got a message from  Betty MacDonald fan club organizer Linde Lund.
She shares a delightful poem with us. ( see message below )



Betty MacDonald forum

Dearest Betty MacDonald fan club fans, this is such a beautiful poem by my dearest facebook friend, author and artist Joyce Lawhorn.

I adore this poem so much and I asked Joyce for permission to publish it on Betty MacDonald fan club blog.

Thanks a million dearest Joyce Lawhorn!

There are Betty MacDonald fan club  members in 40 countries around the world and I hope they'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Lots of love from Linde and Lund family.

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There was a lady they called Lazy Daisy, she was dirty they say and really lazy.
Her grass grew high up to the door, and even the cat wouldn't eat off her floor.
She lived on water and bread, and even her cat was rarely fed.
Then one day her cat went missing, no more meowing and no more hissing.
He had found a home just over the hill, where food was plenty and got his fill.
He never missed Lazy Daisy at all, even though his name she would often call.
Her call echoed through the canyon both night and day, come home little kitty, come home right away !
Daisy didn't blame her cat for not coming home, for there was nothing in her cupboard but a dried up bone.
Not even enough to make some stew, Now Lazy Daisy knew what she had to do.
She got on her bike and road in to town, bought a loaf of bread and big juicy ham.
She bought a batch of fresh caught fish, to put in her cats favorite dish.
Now kitty will come home Daisy thought, when he sees all the food I bought.
Come home kitty , come home she cried, You have fresh fish and a big ham I fried !
But little kitty was warm and asleep in his bed, always loved and always fed.