Friday, January 16, 2015

Betty MacDonald biography

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

it's Friday today.

Betty MacDonald fan club organizer Linde Lund and Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel share really very important Betty MacDonald fan club info in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter January 2015.

Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner Wolfgang Hampel and Betty MacDonald fan club research team are working on a new outstanding Betty MacDonald biography.

Guys, come on and join us, please.

If you are interested in joining the new fascinating Betty MacDonald documentary and biography  project  with new Betty MacDonald interviews and other details  never published before, you are very welcome.

Anita, Eartha Kitt II and the other members of Betty MacDonald fan club team will be very  happy and grateful to hear from you.

We got a great message from beloved Betty MacDonald fan club honor member, author and artist Letizia Mancino:

Dearest Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

it was a terrible time in Paris.
Freedom ist the best value of life, and we have to defend it.
It took centuries of development to achieve a free society, and we want to maintain it.

We hope very much that these values will be recognized and loved more and more.
With many best wishes,


We agree with you so much dearest Letizia Mancino!

Thanks a million for your outstanding support!

Some of our French Betty MacDonald fan club members lost family members and friends because of this barbaric attack! 

We live in democratic states and they won't ever reach their goal to change us.

No chance for these murderous terrorists!


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