Sunday, July 22, 2012

Letizia Mancino's Betty MacDonald essay


Letizia Mancino wrote a very funny Betty MacDonald essay.

I can't remember for a long time that I had to laugh so often while reading.

Letizia Mancio has a gift for writing and a fine sense of humor.

I had no problems answering the Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest question.

The Betty MacDonald Fan Club Eurovision Song Contest Conference 2012 was the best because you could meet so many fascinating people. I made so many new friends there.

Vera, I don't agree. We heard many good songs.

My favourites are the russian Gammy-Group and the outstanding singers from Serbia and Germany.
German singer Roman Lob looks so sweet.

I feel very sorry for Engelbert and United Kingdom because he sang very well.
It's a shame that he only received points from 4 countries.
Nobody knows the reason why.

I'll contribute a Betty MacDonald letter to Betty MacDonald Fan Club letter collection.