Monday, July 30, 2012

Betty MacDonald Olympic Games Meeting 2012


Welcome to our Betty MacDonald Fan Club Olympic Games Meeting 2012.

If you are interested in joining us send me an email, please.

You can find my email-address in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter July, Page 1, A.

Wibke I agree. Opening Ceremony was such an unforgettable event.
Yes, Mr. Bond and Queen Elizabeth are unique.

This is our voting:  United Kingdom twelve points!

Bella, Carmen and other Betty MacDonald Eurovision fans: I'd say the UK entry with Engelbert belongs in TOP 5, with Sweden,  United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.
It's a bit sad that history of Eurovision Song Contest has so many very strange results.
We should change it, if we only could.

Beat, I look forward to read your research on the swiss jury who robbed Germany's very charming singer Lena Valaitis the deserved victory. Johnny Blue belongs to my all time favourites.

Have a good time in London,