Thursday, July 26, 2012

Betty MacDonnald's stove is dancing


A year ago this tragic happened in Norway but the murderer didn' t reach his goal.

As earlier mentioned we remain what we are -  a very liberal and democratic country and we are proud of this.

We enjoyed Betty MacDonald Fan Club Eurovision Song Contest meeting. What a geat experience!

Bella, speaking of Norway and Eurovision Song Contest Norway was last at this year's Contest behind United Kingdom with poor Engelbert.

I don't want to talk about the norwegian entry which I don't like very much  but my family and I like Engelbert and his song. We can't understand the votings.
Now we have 50% jury and 50 % phone votings and we have such an unfair result.

Bella, there are lots of shameful votings in Eurovision Song Contest history.
I agree with you on Lena Valaitis.
In 1968 excellent norwegian singer Wencke Myhre ( she is one of the best and charming singers ) sang the german entry ' Ein Hoch der Liebe '. ( A Toast To Love )
Composer Horst Jankowski did a very good job.
He had a huge international hit with  A walk through Black Forest.

Wencke Myhre didn't get points from Norway although she got many points from the UK jury.
Wencke was exellent and outstanding  on Eurovision stage in Royal Albert Hall in London.
 I saw the Contest yesterday on YouTube and Wencke deserved to win or got Top three with Spain and United Kingdom.
It's such a shame and I'm very angry.

Bella, the votings aren't fair at all.  I have to tell you that scandinavion countries are very strong in neighbour votings.

I saw a documentary of Eurovision Song Contest that scandinavion countries had been been not very successful until Sweden won with Abba in 1974.

Because of this situation they decided to  support each other very strongly with the votings-
Sweden won 4 and Norway 3 Eurovision Song Contests since that time although Norway has the Eurovision Song Contest record in getting the last place. Denmark won with Olsen brothers.
I like their song very much. Finland won with Lordi. I don't want to say a word about this entry.

My top ten in 2012: Sweden ( although it's a bit strange that 14 international entries had been composed by swedish composers, I ask myself: does other countries have no composers?), Serbia, United Kingdom, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, ( Bella, I agree with you on the Contests in 1958 and 1959. They robbed Italy the victory crown twice) Ukraine and Russia. Did you notice that the russian Gammies only received 11th place from the juries but got second because of lots of phone calls.
I had to laugh too when  their Stove was dancing on stage, by the way Stove wasn't the only one who was dancing during this Contest.

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