Thursday, July 27, 2017

Betty MacDonald in Hollywood

Bildergebnis für Betty MacDonald in Hollywood

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

we are very curious to learn more about Betty MacDonald's experiences in Hollywood especially Eartha  is dreaming of Hollywood very often.

Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner Wolfgang Hampel does a great job. 

Thanks a Million!

Eartha can imagine very well to be a Hollywood movie star.

Who are Betty MacDonald's favourite actors?

Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter August  includes the updated Betty MacDonald fan club essays ' Betty MacDonald in Hollywood' and  ' Betty MacDonald and Dorita Hess '. 

There is also an article about Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection.

We got very important info regarding the original 'The Egg and I' and the way Betty MacDonald described her first husband Robert Eugene Heskett and their neighbours.

Take care,

Anita and Eartha Kitt II