Monday, July 17, 2017

Betty MacDonald, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Heidelberg

Kate and William - who have been dubbed Brexit ambassadors - took their children Charlotte and George on their tour of Canada last year. But they are not expected to take the prince and princess on their tour of Germany and Poland


Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit Heidelberg on Thursday.

William and Kate will take to the waters of the River Neckar in the German city of Heidelberg
The mood will change when the Duke and Duchess renew their friendly sporting rivalry, which seems to play a part in most of their trips, when they visit the picturesque Germany city of Heidelberg, twinned with Cambridge.

The first stop will be the German Cancer Research Centre, where they will meet researchers and visit the stem cell research lab.

They will then wander through the central market square, on which a British-German market will be set up offering local food and drink, before the Mayor of Heidelberg leads the way to the River Neckar.

William and Kate will take to the waters of the river to cox opposing rowing teams in a race with crews drawn from Cambridge and Heidelberg.

Who will be the winner?

If you are in Heidelberg we are wishing you a very exciting day.

I'm so sad because I can't join you dearest friends.

I know that Heidelberg is such a very beautiful and romantic city. 

It will be a perfect day. 

Don't forget to film or make some great photos, please.

Best wishes,


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