Sunday, February 26, 2017

Betty MacDonald, Ananda Mondal and a very special horse

Bild könnte enthalten: Malen

Copyright 2017 by Ananda Mondal
All rights reserved 
Yours heaven kissing crown is full of green.
Yours twigs are equally thick not much thin.
Yours wide branches are spread to miles.
The generous trunk is so humble never riles.
The depth of root makes you strong.
You've the knowledge between right and wrong.
Decade after decades, you remain to stand tall.
You are not worried to be cut down or fall.
I am much crazy like that horse without any rope.
I am chasing my fate with very much little hope.
I will fight till very end and I will dare.
As I do not have that much really care.
It is you my inspiration.
God's own magical creation.
Please remain stand tall forever...
You are amazing my dear "Juniper".