Monday, July 1, 2024

Joe Biden at the end?: MP reveals secret Democrats' plans Joe Biden at the end?: MP reveals secret Democrats' plans Story by fka/sba/ • 2 hours • 2 minutes reading time Are the Democrats dropping Joe Biden? ・Joe Biden is seeking a second term as US President ・Doubts about suitability after embarrassing TV duel against Donald Trump ・MP reveals secret Democrats' plans ・Democrats are considering dropping Joe Biden as presidential candidate After his disastrous performance in the TV duel with his opponent Donald Trump, US President Joe Biden is currently trying to close ranks behind him. The 81-year-old clearly rejected calls for him to withdraw. Joe Biden shocks America in TV debate - doubts about his suitability for the presidency But since the TV debate on Thursday (June 27), a debate has broken out in the USA about whether the 81-year-old is the right candidate for the Democrats. Because Joe Biden's appearance was a complete fiasco. The US President lost his train of thought, mumbled, stared into space with his mouth open and was often unable to finish his sentences properly. A godsend for Biden's opponents. US representative reveals secret Democrat plans But even within his own party there are enormous doubts as to whether the 81-year-old is actually fit enough for a second term. US representative Jamie Raskin, actually a Biden supporter, recently revealed the Democrats' secret plans. According to him, there are serious discussions behind closed doors about whether to drop Joe Biden as a presidential candidate. Despite Biden's TV debate disaster: Democrats want to demonstrate unity "We are having a serious discussion about what to do," the British "Express" quoted Raskin as saying. "One thing I can tell you: Regardless of what President Biden decides, our party will be united. And whether he is the candidate or someone else, he will be the keynote speaker at our convention, he will be the figure we rally around." Democrats are considering dropping Joe Biden as presidential candidate But if the Democrats decide to drop Joe Biden, who would be a possible successor? Recently, Michelle Obama has been repeatedly mentioned as a possible candidate. The wife of former President Barack Obama has repeatedly denied a candidacy, but the former First Lady is one of the Democrats' most popular figures. Michelle Obama could become the first female US president "The Democrats only have a chance if they put Mrs. Obama in the race," said former Fox News presenter Bill O'Reilly at the beginning of the year. O'Reilly predicted that there would be an uprising at the Democratic Party convention in Chicago in August and that Michelle Obama could step in as a savior for Joe Biden, who he believes is suffering from dementia. The "New York Post" columnist Cindy Adams also believes that Michelle Obama is already secretly preparing her candidacy. In any case, it will be exciting to see what the 2024 US election will bring.