Thursday, July 4, 2024

Michelle Obama puts Trump in his place: survey shows clear trend in presidential question

FR Michelle Obama puts Trump in his place: survey shows clear trend in presidential question Lisa Mahnke • 2 hours • 3 minutes reading time After the TV duel against Biden After the TV duel against Biden, Democrats are looking for alternatives. A survey shows: Michelle Obama could take on Trump. Washington, D.C. - Incumbent US President Joe Biden is considered the loser of the first TV duel. This caused concern among his party colleagues. Some Democrats are now looking for a quick replacement for the 2024 US election, because Biden is unpopular among the population. A survey from July 1 and 2 now showed: Only former First Lady Michelle Obama could definitely beat former President Donald Trump. In a Reuters/Ipsos survey with around 1,000 participants, 50 percent of the voters surveyed said they would vote for Obama if the election were held on that day. Trump only achieved 39 percent with this pairing. With a margin of error of 3.2 percentage points, this seems to be a clear result for Obama, especially in contrast to Biden. In a match between Biden and Trump, both candidates reached 40 percent of the eligible voters surveyed. Obama was also the only one to do significantly better than the other possible candidates who were surveyed in the poll. Trump takes aim at Obama - other candidates would do worse in the 2024 US election In response to the poll, the likely Republican candidate also took aim at Obama, who has long been considered a possible Biden replacement. According to Newsweek, Trump said at a campaign event: "You asked everyone. You asked Michelle Obama, she has very bad poll numbers. No, her poll numbers are terrible." Obama did significantly better than Trump (42 percent) and Biden (38 percent) not only in the hypothetical election result, but also in the question about popularity, with 55 percent. Current Vice President Kamala Harris was one percentage point behind Trump in the data for a hypothetical election (42% to 43%). California Governor Gavin Newsom and the governor were both even further behind Trump, as was the governor of Illinois, known as J. B. Pritzker. In addition to Obama, Biden even performed better than other possible alternative candidates. "It's hard to believe, but corrupt Joe Biden is polling better than these people," Trump continued at his campaign event. However, the other Democrats on the list are still little known nationwide. That would quickly change if he ran. Only "nostalgia for Barack": US election 2024 will probably remain a duel between Trump and Biden "The polls that show that Michelle Obama could beat Donald Trump are just reflecting nostalgia for Barack," said Thomas Gift, director of the Center for US Politics at University College London, according to Newsweek. "It's easy to beat the competition when you don't have a political program and aren't as closely scrutinized as the presidential candidates in 2024." Gift called the idea that Michelle Obama could run for the Democrats against Trump in the 2024 US election a pipe dream. Obama has already stressed several times that she does not want to run. "Mrs. Obama supports the re-election campaign of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris," Obama spokeswoman Crystal Carson confirmed the former First Lady's stance on NBC News. After TV duel against Trump: Many want Biden to drop out - Biden remains steadfast According to a CNN poll, the majority of viewers of the TV duel said that Trump had won. Some Democrats then called for Joe Biden to step down. The 81-year-old will not be formally nominated as a candidate until August. However, it is unlikely that a replacement will be found by then. Campaign spokesman Seth Schuster told Newsweek that Biden "is not dropping out." In the survey, 32 percent of Democratic voters also said that Biden should drop out of the US election campaign after the TV debate. Of all those surveyed, 52 percent voted for Biden to drop out. 46 percent said Trump should drop out. It has been shown several times in recent months that the 2024 US election will feature two candidates that nobody wants. However, it is unlikely that a better replacement can be found in the near future.