Monday, July 8, 2024

Germany - Spain: Hand scandal escalates! Has UEFA made a serious mistake?

Thuringia 24 Germany - Spain: Hand scandal escalates! Has UEFA made a serious mistake? Daniel Sobolewski • 2 hours • 2 minutes reading time Musiala's shot and Cucurella's hand. Even days after the European Championship exit, all fans are still thinking about the penalty scene in Germany - Spain. There is agreement worldwide: The DFB team was denied a crystal clear penalty. The focus is not only on referee Anthony Taylor, but also VAR Stuart Attwell. His silence in the extra time of Germany - Spain still resonates today. Now an expert is putting forward a strong theory: Should Attwell have been used as a video referee in the first place? Germany is out, the European Championship dream is buried, everyday life is back. But all German football fans are still grieving over one scene. The 106th minute was running when a shot from Jamal Musiala hit Spain's defender Marc Cucurella full on the hand. The whistle was not blown, the VAR was silent. To this day, no one wants to understand that. +++ Germany - Spain: Wild discussions about the handball penalty scene - Swiss and English give a clear verdict +++ In the midst of the anger over the handball penalty that was not given, a renowned expert has now raised another question that is unlikely to help calm the German mood. Long-time Bundesliga and FIFA referee Manuel Gräfe says: Attwell should never have been appointed as a video referee. The appointment was a mistake by UEFA - because the VAR had a bad record. The background: The Brit was already the video referee for Germany - Denmark in the round of 16. In this match, he caused a lot of discussion with a handball penalty scene. The whistle gave the DFB team the lead and infuriated the Danes. VAR was criticized. Just six days later, he was sitting in front of the monitor at the next Germany game and was again exposed to a highly controversial scene. Gräfe's theory: Attwell had a history of being tainted by the dubious intervention against Denmark. Another game-deciding VAR penalty would have possibly given rise to accusations that he would help Germany win again. An unbiased decision was therefore not possible. Perhaps he wanted to prevent further criticism by not intervening. Julian Nagelsmann in the crossfire after penalty drama - Spaniard with strong accusations Germany - Spain: penalty? Now the "culprit" speaks Europe out for Germany! Schadenfreude? This is how the English react! The "clear error" against Denmark, according to Gräfe, should also have resulted in a point deduction in the assessment of Attwell. For this reason alone, the quarter-finals were an "unnecessary risk" for UEFA. In general: exposing the Englishman to this pressure was a wrong decision by the European association. At the same time, a video assistant must be able to block this out at this level. "Unfortunately, one thing led to another."