Sunday, February 8, 2015

Betty MacDonald and her colourful house

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Frank is our Betty MacDonald fan club contest winner.

Betty MacDonald described her colourful house on Vashon Island in her book Onions in the Stew. 

Congratulations deaerst Frank!

Folks, it's time to praise unique Betty MacDonald fan club founder and Betty MacDonald Memorial Award Winner Wolfgang Hampel.

Happy Birthday Wolfgang Hampel! 

Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel and four friends began a worldwide research on Betty MacDonald in 1983. 

Wolfgang Hampel  visited all the places where Betty MacDonald and her family lived. 

Wolfgang Hampel interviewed Betty MacDonald's family and friends. 

The most popular Betty MacDonald fan club item in our history is Wolfgang Hampel's wonderful interview with Betty MacDonald's very witty sister Alison Bard Burnett. 
Alison never had been interviewed before or afterwards. 
Alison Bard Burnett shares the most interesting info about life and work of Betty MacDonald. 

These interviews have  been published on CD/DVD in 2009 by Betty MacDonald Fan Club and Betty MacDonald Society.

Wolfgang Hampel in an interview with CECELIA GOODNOW Seattle P.I. Reporter:

Betty MacDonald's fame lives on - a fact that becomes clear after just a few minutes with the ebullient Wolfgang Hampel. ``I think Betty MacDonald is very popular because she had a very hard life, but she could also smile, and she had for every situation a laugh," he said. ``Our life is tragicomedy, and she showed this. It's a masterpiece, her books. On his Seattle visit Wolfgang Hampel gathered anecdotes from relatives and friends, Wolfgang Hampel treasures such recollections. ``Everyone said to me, `She was the most wonderful person in the world I've ever met.'

Wolfgang Hampel is the author of Betty MacDonald biography. He did an outstanding research and included the most fascinating and very important facts. Wolfgang was able to use many letters and documents for the first time ever.

Betty MacDonald Memorial Award Winner Wolfgang Hampel is working on an updated Betty MacDonald biography at the current time. 

Wolfgang Hampel interviews famous authors and artists, for example Truman Capote, Maurice Sendak, Donna Leon, Ingrid Noll, Monica Sone, David Guterson and many other writers and artists.

Many readers from all over the world are also fond of Wolfgang Hampel's  brilliant poems and stories. 

I'm rather hungry now and enjoy my  breakfast at the bookstore.

We know Wolfgang Hampel and many Betty MacDonald fan club fans from all over the world adore it very much. 

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