Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Glorious Betty MacDonald fan club news


We hope you had a very nice Easter with lots of Betty MacDonald's colourful eggs.

We have some glorious Betty MacDonald fan club news.

Do you know who is the most glorious Betty MacDonald researcher ever?
Guess who is?

Betty MacDonald fan club founder and Memorial Award Winner Wolfgang Hampel is going to share some very exciting new Betty MacDonald facts.

Congratulations! Wolfgang Hampel found some new Betty MacDonald treasures.

More glorious Betty MacDonald fan club news?

Y     E     S        !!!!!

We are going to introduce an outstanding new Betty MacDonald fan club honor member very soon.

This fascinating guy is a music producer and one of the most important Charlie Chaplin collectors ever. He was a very good friend of artist, writer and singer Eva Vargas!

Wolfgang Hampel and our new Betty MacDonald fan club honor member are cooperating and there are several fascinating Eva Vargas projects.

We can't wait to learn more.

Simply glorious!

By the way how is our glorious Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli doing?
We miss him so much!

Dear Linde Lund and her Betty MacDonald fan club ESC team are very busy in organizing Betty MacDonald fan club ESC meeting. Join us, please.

We look forward to meet many Betty MacDonald Eurovision Song Contest fans in Malmö.
Betty MacDonald fan club ESC fans from 40 countries voted for Germany, Cascada and Glorious as ESC winner 2013.

We never had a voting like this. Cascada got the most points from nearly every country.

A glorious result we never had before and it's also really glorious that Cascada's video on Youtube almost got 2 million clicks. A glorious Eurovison Song Contest record! That's a winner song!

Happy birthday dear Doris Day!

Many greetings and our best wishes  to famous actress and singer Doris Day in Carmel Valley, California.
One of us once met unique Doris in Carmel.

( see details in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter April )