Monday, February 11, 2013

Mr. Tigerli's Betty MacDonald fan club interview


Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli is back.

What an outstanding Betty MacDonald fan club team - artist and author Letizia Mancino, translater Mary Holmes, Mr. Tigerli himself and his Olympic speaker, Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel!

                  WE    LOVE    YOU !    ( Especially Mr. Tigerli!!!!!!)


              Excuse me:       my name is Tigerli   -    MR.    TIGERLI 

                              Copyright 2013 by Letizia Mancino

                               interviewed by Arndt Krödel
                                translated by Mary Holmes

                                      All rights reserved

The most famous cat in Emmertsgrund who can hold his own with Casanova and James Bond:

                         ACTION      INSTEAD    OF   MIAOWING!

It was no easy matter to get an interview with this Emmertsgrund inhabitant who has now achieved "Promi-status".

Mr. Tigerli is always busy. Every day he nearly writes his paws off on the Internet keeping up the communication with his Fans. The number increases daily and they stretch across the world, far out from the mountainious part of the city he lives.
In between times such a cat also has to attend to this own needs and desires.
To satisfy these, the fiels and forests up here round Emmertsgrund offer excellent conditions.
We were lucky to catch a brief moment when he was prepared to answer a few questions.

Embox :    How may we address you?

Tigerli :     Mr. Tigerli,  Betty MacDonald fan club honor member.

Betty MacDonald? Could you give us a helping hand here?

Well........  ok,  as it's you!  Betty MacDonald is a famous American author. She wrote  THE EGG AND I   and the  MRS. PIGGLE-WIGGLE-SERIES. You should know that.
Betty MacDonald fan club has many fans in 40 countries. There was a Betty MacDonald fan club Olympic meeting in London.
I was too busy to attend but my speaker Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel was there. As I heard he did quiete a good job.

So you have become something of a Star in the Betty MacDonald fan club?
Does that leave you with enough time to take care of the mice in Emmertsgrund?

Luckily I have fellow workers to help me with that.

And what is the quality of the mice in Emmertsgrund?

There is a great choice of  "Multi-Cultis'.

Are you also interested in integration?

Very! After all I myself have a migrant's background.

Oh, really!

Yes, I was found as a baby on the boundary between Emmertsgrund and Leimen.
As you know Leimen got famous because of Boris Becker.

Many women rave about you, as one can see from Betty MacDonald Fan Club blog on the internet.
What is the secret of your manly attraction?

I have been asked this question many times before.
There I have the same attribute as my friends Casanova, Boris Becker and James Bond: we were not great talkers but men of action.

Many of your fans would like to visit you in Heidelberg - not just go there to visit the famous castle.
Would you trust us with your address?

I'm sure you would like to have it. But my private sphere is sacred. As you can see I agree with Betty MacDonald's husband Donald MacDonald.
It is easy to visit me on Internet however, at Erotica Felina, a mouse-click is all you need.

All in all you enjoy living in Emmertsgrund.

I would not exchange Emmertsgrund even for Rome.

Mr. Tigerli thanks a million for this very interesting interview and many greetings to Letizia Mancino, Mary Holmes, your 'speaker' at the Betty MacDonald Fan Club Olympic Games Meeting in London Wolfgang Hampel and last but not least to your russian girl.

By the way how is the russian girl doing?

Many greetings to Emmertsgrund!  It sounds like Mr. Tigerli's paradise.
Just imagine - Mr. Tigerli wouldn't exchange Emmertsgrund even for Rome.

I like Rome very much but I don't know Emmertsgrund.

Mr. Tigerli - I'll have to change this!



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