Friday, March 26, 2010

Darsie Beck Betty MacDonald Fan Club Honour Member

Hello this is Martine,

Now we share a very special Betty MacDonald Birthday gift - an interview with our new honour member, Mr. Darsie Beck.

How did Sydney, Betty, Mary, mother, Frank (father) and Bernard (stepfather) inspire me?

Sydney's painting, her landscape pastels were a powerful influence on my desire to become an artist. She nourished my creative interest and in her presence I felt serene, at peace and inspired.

Betty's exuberance, her love of life, laughter and welcoming nature helped make my childhood very special. Auntie Betty's house was always cozy, roaring fires in the winter, music, good food and drink, lots of guests, interesting conversation mixed with periods of quiet creativity and contemplation. Her way of life significantly enhanced the way I live today, my love for family, friends, home, art and community.

Mary was sophisticated, elegant, a graceful host as well as a motivated, well organized author and civic leader. My own interest in writing, organization, personal motivation, teaching and community involvement are a result of Mary's influence.

Mother's warmth, charm, laughter, love of gardening, music and home are all attributes I strive to emulate.

Frank's charm, his dedication to his music, to his art has inspired me to live my life with my art at its center.

Bernard taught me the value of order and organization in my daily life as well as the importance of treating those I love and those I meet with compassion, understanding and respect. He taught me to honor and respect myself and the value of honoring my commitments to others.

What can readers expect to gain by reading my book?

By reading Your Essential Nature - A Practical Guide to Greater Creativity and Spiritual Harmony, the reader will discover the value of a sustained creative practice. It's about art and discovery, about self-awareness, about living, learning and experiencing life to its fullest. It's about how our past effects the present and what we can do in the present to affect our future. It's positive, uplifting and inspiring and the tools presented will help guide the reader to their highest and best possible being in harmony with their essential nature.

What do I think is most important in my book?

Developing the habit of daily writing or journal keeping is the foundation and the key to self-discovery and to living a happy, harmonious, creatively successful life.

What do I think is the most important thing in life?

It is to know myself, to live my life on purpose, in harmony with what I value most; my art, family, friends, career, community, place and service.

I hope this helps and please let me know what more I might be able to do.

Thank you for everything.


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