Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Betty MacDonald Community

Welcome to Betty MacDonald Community!

Betty MacDonald Community

You can find more info about our Betty MacDonald projects and events in the future.

Wolfgang Hampel, author of the Betty MacDonald Biography and winner of the first Betty MacDonald Memorial Award founded Betty MacDonald Fan Club and Society in 1983. We are the largest Betty MacDonald Fan Club in the world - with members in 23 countries. Join our wonderful international Betty MacDonald Community!
We have tons of fun!

There are several Betty MacDonald Collectors owning huge collections. They want to invite interested fans to see their collections.

Wolfgang Hampel Founder of Betty MacDonald Fan Club and Betty MacDonald Society


Wolfgang Hampel, author of the Betty MacDonald Biography and Interviewer of Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard's family and friends will receive the first Betty MacDonald Memorial Award sponsored by a Group of International Betty MacDonald Collectors.
There is a huge media interest in this price and we are going to publish a DVD about the Betty MacDonald Memorial Award.

Congratulations, dear Wolfgang Hampel.

Wolfgang Hampel really deserves the first Betty MacDonald Memorial Award. Many fans all over the world incl. several writers and artists enjoy his fascinating Betty MacDonald biography and interviews.

Peter D. Sieruta, Author of Heartbeats and Other Stories:

I am so anxious to get the rest of the Betty's bios. And yes, I would definitely like to purchase all the CD's and DVD's. Thank you for making them available!


Ann, writer and journalist:

Congratulations on your Betty MacDonald biography!!! You have worked hard and deserve all coming successes. I'm so proud of you!!

Janet, writer and journalist:

Congratulations on being honored to receive the Betty MacDonald award. You deserve it for all the work you have done to promote her.


Congratulations! A most appropriate honor. Also, noted Ingrid Noll like myself was born in Shanghai.

David Mayer, author:

Congratulations to Wolfgang Hampel for his Betty MacDonald award. You really deserve it for all the time you have spend researching Betty and her friends. The Betty MacDonald Fans are enthusiastic about your work. That must be very satisfying.
In the future I hope to pursue the links further.